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KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper)


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KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper) - UW-KTBC:

Recommended to select Upper Scratch Resistant material for scratch proof.

  • KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper) is designed for versatility of use between seasons or weather.
  • Combo windshield including half lower and half upper section
  • Lower section with fold to add rigidity and deflect wind.
  • Upper section designed to hold firmly onto lower section.
  • KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper) is designed to fully protect against the elements between seasons.
  • Made of 1/4 inch thick safest shatterproof material 10X stronger than tempered glass and 20x acrylic (plexiglass) and 50x regular glass or safety glass.
  • KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper) lets through 15% more light than glass.
  • KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper) transpires and sweats less than glass.
  • Parts resistant to UV and rust.
  • Unbreakable material. Guaranteed!
  • Lower Edge: Rubber: For protection against possible abrasion between hood and lower bottom section
Lower Fasteners:
  • Heavy Duty Velcro Strap: For easy installation and removal
  • Rust proof Clamp: For permanent or semi-permanent installation
  • General (not scratch proof): For light use or infrequent or winter use in a snow covered trails
  • Tinted General (not scratch proof): For reduced glare caused by reflection of sun or snow in light trails. For light use or infrequent or winter use in a snow covered trails.
  • Scratch Resistant (recommend scratch proof): For abrasion resistance against off-road elements or frequent usage or all seasons (including mud or dust)

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THE INDESTRUCIBLE KAWASAKI TERYX 2010-13 Windshield Combo (Lower / Upper)

Made With The Safest Material On The Market.

Virtually Indestructible.

Removable Upper Windshield

This Is A Hybrid Windshield. It Can Become A Full Windshield Or A Half Windshield. It All Depends On You.
Uninstall And Reinstall From Anywhere, No Tools Required.

Designed By Us, With You In mind.

Unique Concept Sold Only By Flex A Fab.
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Quality Hardware

Custom Designed Kevlar Velcros Unique To Flex A Fab.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Rob Morin
Product good, but installation a bit disappointing.


I purchased this full front windshield with the extra scratch resistant coating. Price was reasonable and availability was good. 2 weeks after initial order , it was ready. I ended up going to pick it up myself at their factory as i needed it within a certain timeframe and they were only 30 minutes from my house, in Montreal. It would have been less stressful if the handed over the windshield in a cardboard packaging to better protect it in the box of my pickup, so I placed in the backseat instead.


Installing via the Kevlar Velcro straps was pretty easy, BUT, the lower weather stripping of the lower window was a bit disappointing. It frequently slips out/off off the windshield, allowing debris to get in the track/groove of the weather stripping itself needing frequent clean ups. My solution was to put silicone in the weather stripping track/groove and then re-insert into the windshield seems to be ok, but would have been better to know I had to do this in the late fall early winter, as the silicone did not adhere as best as it could have, due to the weather. I will have to re-do this in the spring.

Installation 2:

Once all is installed and secure, the next issue, that annoyed me was the 2 window pieces, upper and lower were vibrating against each other, for me this is quite irritating, for others maybe not. To resolve this issue i removed the top window and put a self adhering foam weather strip where the 2 windows meet on the lower window. It does not look bad at all and reduces this vibration by about 95%!

So in the end it is a great windshield, I just think they need to be a bit more involved in installation instructions or methods.

The attached photo is before I put the weather stripping between the 2 windows, but hardly noticeable.

Feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

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