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UTV Rear Windshields (Side By Side)

At Flex A Fab, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of UTV (Side By Side) rear windshield or replacement products that fit brands including Polaris, Kawasaki, Segway, Cfmoto, Can-Am, and more. Our mission is to create UTV rear windshields or replacements that suit you and your vehicle. We’re FLEXible At FABrication and are committed to creating the perfect product for your requirements.

All of the UTV (Side By Side) rear windshield or replacement options that we offer are designed and made by us here at Flex A Fab. We use ultra-resistant materials and kevlar seams that are totally unique to us. Our products are also weatherproof, so you can take your UTV out no matter the weather!

Shop our entire range of UTV (Side By Side) rear windshield or replacement products below.

DIAMOND 54 (Instant Wax) - GP-SE-DIAMOND54

Shop for Your UTV (Side By Side) Rear Windshield or Replacement With Flex A Fab Today!

Whether you just purchased your UTV, it has been damaged in an accident, or you’re just looking to update your current machine, you’ve come to the right place for UTV rear windshields. If you’re stuck on which product to choose or just need a little guidance, keep reading to get to know more about rear windshields for UTVs.

Do I Need A Rear Windshield For my UTV?

While it’s not a must, rear windshields are helpful in keeping debris from the inside of your vehicle and holding the weather off. If you have installed a front windshield by itself, you might have noticed dust or snow entering from behind your seats. Our back windshields are designed to directly solve this problem and offer a sleek, customizable look for your machine. If you’re in the market for a great back windshield, take a look at all of our products today to find the one that suits you.

Replacement Rear Windshields

At Flex A Fab, we offer rear windshield replacements for your UTV. These can be used if your current rear windshield has been damaged, and it can be fabricated to fit seamlessly into your machine.

What Material Are Your UTV (Side By Side) Rear Windshields Made From?

At Flex A Fab, we’re proud of the quality of all the products we make. We use shatterproof, UV-resistant, and rustproof materials to create all of our windshields and we guarantee that they are unbreakable. Our windshield replacements use a range of fastening mechanisms, including heavy-duty velcro and brackets, and, you can find many of our products in scratch-resistant and tinted options.

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