JOHN-DEERE RSX 850 860 2012-20 Hard Roof


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SKU: UR-JXBF-B2 Flex A Fab

Impact Resistant
Polycarbonate / A.B.S

Advanced Optical Material
93% Light Transmission Polycarbonate

C.N.C Precision Cut
Guaranteed to fit your OEM vehicle*

    JOHN-DEERE RSX 850 860 2012-20 Hard Roof - UR-JXBF
  • Tough 1/4 inch thick impact resistant hard roof protecting against sun and rain.
  • Installed quickly with bolted clamps, without any drilling.
  • Made of 1/4 inch thick impact resistant material.
  • Parts resistant to UV and rust.
  • Rust proof clamp installation
  • Black (Opaque): Good cover against the outside elements.
  • Tinted (Transparent): To enjoy partially the sun and open views.