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CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass


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CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass - UB-FUCF

  • CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass options available for versatility between seasons and weather.
  • Made of 1/8 inch thick safest shatterproof material 10X stronger than tempered glass and 20x acrylic (plexiglass) and 50x regular glass or safety glass.
  • CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass let through 15% more light than glass.
  • Transpire and sweat less than glass.
  • CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass parts resistant to UV and rust.
  • Unbreakable material. Guaranteed!
OPTIONS for CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass:
  • Heavy Duty Velcro Strap: For easy installation and removal
  • Rust proof Bracket For permanent or semi-permanent installation
  • General (not scratch proof): For light use or infrequent or winter use in a snow covered trails
  • Tinted General (not scratch proof): For reduced glare caused by reflection of sun or snow in light trails. For light use or infrequent or winter use in a snow covered trails.
  • Scratch Resistant (scratch proof): For abrasion resistance against off-road elements or frequent usage or all seasons (including mud or dust)
  • None: No openings
  • Sliding Openings: To help against dust and back draft.

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THE INDESTRUCTIBLE CFMOTO UFORCE 600 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass

Made With The Safest Material On The Market.

Virtually Indestructible.

Removes backdraft

Experienced Riders Know That Having A Front Windshield Creates Backdraft, A Problem That Only A Back Window Can Solve.

Our Concepts Are Designed To Completely Remove Backdraft, Keeping Your Cabin Safe From Cold, Dust And More.

Install it, Forget about it

Designed To Keep Access To All Parts Of Your Vehicle Without Getting In The Way Of Air Filters, Bed Tilt, Handles And More.

Unique Concept Sold Only By Flex A Fab.

UTV Heavy-Duty Velcro Chrome Buckle Straps - Flex A Fab

Quality Hardware

Custom Designed Kevlar Velcros Unique To Flex A Fab.

Rustproof Hardware Built To Withstand The Outdoors.

When You're On the trail, it's you vs. the elements.

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It's Not Just A Windshield, It's A Tool.
We Use Special, Optical Grade Polycarbonate So You Can Focus On Driving Your Vehicle.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

2 middle holes don’t lineup. 2” too high. 4 of 6 brackets were used.

jocelyn simard

Fait super bien,

Merci pour le revue!
Content qu'il se fait bien sur le véhicule :)

New owner

I bought the Argo 500 UT side by side a year ago and it has been the best investment by far. I have used it in the farm and in our hunting land and it has done everything and more than I expected. I would highly recommend the Argo side by side and would highly recommend flex a fab to purchase any attachments that you need. The attachments that I purchased from them have absolutely been the best by far. Everything fit like it should. Very easy installation. I give flex a fab 5 stars.

Darren Harvie
Tinted rear window for Uforce600

Great service and very helpful. Steve answered most questions and was so helpful!
Very much like the window. Fit was great except I had to modify a little bit for a couple welds on the frame.
Was easy to do and I put sticky Velcro on the top to work as a seal and stop any vibration.
They also were very good when I mentioned these things and hopefully they will be corrected that little tiny bit for future buyers
I do recommend this window it is easy to take in and out for cleaning, etc.

Wayne G.
Great product

Came fast, easy install, great fit.

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