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The Perfect Fit

Fits with standard OEM vehicles. Worried About Your Other Accessories? Contact Us Before Ordering!

DESIGNED FOR UTV Yamaha Wolverine Windshield, Window Back Panel VEHICLES

CNC CUT, CAD Designed and Manufactured.

Serves Your needs

We Will Never Sell You Something You Don't Need. Based On How You Use Your Vehicle, We Can Guide You In The Right Direction; Even If It Means Choosing Someone Else. When You Get A Flex A Fab, It's Money Well Spent.

UTV Yamaha Wolverine Windshield, Window Back Panel

Flex A Fab’s best-in-class Yamaha Wolverine windshields, windows, roof, lower doors, and fender extensions can help redefine the way you think of off-roading. These premium upgrades are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your UTV so you are always prepared for your next excursion.

Our Yamaha Wolverine Accessories

Our Yamaha Wolverine accessories prioritize your safety through enhanced visibility. The high-quality materials used in our windshields and windows ensure you maintain a clear view of the path ahead, even in challenging conditions. Coupled with our robust lower doors and fenders, you’re safeguarded against the unpredictable elements and debris encountered on trails.

Strength and Style Combined

Durability does not come at the expense of style with our Yamaha Wolverine enhancements. Each product is designed to withstand the rigours of off-road adventures, be it extreme weather or sudden impacts, while adding a sleek, tailor-made look to your vehicle. 

From scratch-resistant windows to protective, durable lower doors and fender extensions, every accessory integrates seamlessly into your UTV to boost your Wolverine's performance and comfort.

Explore Custom-Made Accessories for Your Yamaha Wolverine

Dive into a world of possibilities with custom-made accessories for your Yamaha Wolverine. Our offerings go above and beyond, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your vehicle's capabilities and appearance with made-to-order solutions. 

Whether you want advanced protection from the elements or are looking to optimize your Wolverine for specific outdoor activities, our custom accessories are crafted to meet your precise requirements.

Elevate Your Off-Road Experience

Discover the difference our Yamaha Wolverine windshields, windows, roof, lower doors, and fender extensions can make to your off-road experience. By choosing our products, you're not just upgrading your vehicle; you're investing in a safer, more enjoyable, and personalized ride. 

Browse our collection or contact our team today and transform your Yamaha Wolverine into the ultimate off-road companion.

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