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Polaris RZR Trail 50"/60" (2021+) Windshield, Back Panel & Roof (Side By Side)

The Polaris RZR Trail is an incredibly popular UTV known for its performance and durability. Many of our customers here at Flex A Fab opt for this vehicle when choosing a new UTV, which is why we offer plenty of windshields, fenders, wing extensions, and roof panels that can be easily fitted into the model should they need replacing.

Browse all of our Polaris RZR accessories, upgrade parts and replacements below.

Polaris RZR Trail Windshields, Fender Wings & Roof Replacement

Whether your windshield was damaged in an accident, or you're looking for a roof panel that protects the riders of your Polaris RZR Trail from the elements, Flex A Fab should be your first port-of-call.

We know UTVs like the back of our hand, which is why so many owners of the Polaris RZR can trust us with vehicle upgrades, accessories, and windshield replacements. Get to know our inventory a little better below.

What Material Do You Make Your Windshield and Back Panel Replacements Out Of?

At Flex A Fab, we know how rough terrain and heavy usage can take their toll on your Polaris RZR Trail, so we make our windshield replacements and back panels out of an incredibly durable polycarbonate material. This polycarbonate is tougher than acrylic (plexiglass) and tempered glass and comes in scratch-resistant and tinted options for additional protection. The windshields we make are resistant to UV rays too, so they can protect you from the sun as well as debris, dirt, and rain.

We custom-make many of the windshields we sell and use high-quality mounting hardware for easy installation. The versatility of polycarbonate means each windshield can be fitted to the contours of your ride for a rattle-free fit.

Do I Need a Hard Roof on my Polaris RZR?

While the model itself doesn't come with hard tops over the cab, many owners choose to add one. By installing a roof you can shelter from wind and rain on a wetter trail ride and shield yourself from the sun.

Like our windshield and back panel replacement, we use a tough and durable material that is stronger than many other industry options. It comes in tinted and opaque options. Our roof panels are easy to install and use quality and rust-resistant hardware.

What Are Wing Extensions and Why Would I Add Them to my UTV?

If you have ever been on a particularly muddy trail, you will know that dirt, mud, debris, and water all fly off the wheel and can hit your vehicle, passengers, and cargo. Our wing extensions are made of a soft polymer blend and shelter the vehicle from most of this spray. The soft polymer blend we use is pliant enough to withstand collisions and rough trail rides but is still effective.

Why Should I Shop With Flex A Fab?

At Flex A Fab, we have years of experience in manufacturing UTV parts. We know these vehicles inside and out and can ensure that you get the highest quality windshield and panel replacements. We always offer knowledgeable and helpful advice to our customers, even if it means sending them elsewhere, so you know you can rely on us for impeccable customer service.

If you're in need of parts for your Polaris RZR UTV then stop your search now. Flex A Fab are experts in UTV and superATV windshield replacements, accessories, and upgrade parts. Get in touch now to find out more about our services.

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