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DESIGNED FOR UTV Polaris (Side by Side) General Windshields VEHICLES

CNC CUT, CAD Designed and Manufactured.

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UTV Polaris (Side by Side) General Windshields

Polaris is a well-known and trusted brand in the world of UTVs and all-terrain vehicles. At Flex A Fab, we cater to all models of Polaris UTV, including the Polaris General range. The Polaris General is a versatile model that offers a smoother ride than other Polaris models.

Our clients use their Polaris General side-by-sides for a range of different pursuits, including in the fields and farming, for trail riding, and for hauling supplies from location to location.

At Flex A Fab, we offer windshield panels and upgrade accessories for all Polaris General UTVs. We use unmatched scratch-resistant material and offer customization to ensure it is the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Check out our entire inventory of Polaris General windshields below.

Polaris General Windshields and Back Panels

If you're looking to install a windshield in your Polaris General, Flex A Fab is here for you. Our products offer easy installation, are rattle-free, and use the safest materials on the market.

Do I Need a Windshield in My Polaris General?

While many UTVs come without windshields already in place, some users choose to add them. Adding a windshield to your UTV does have some benefits. These include:

  • Protecting drivers and passengers from the weather, including rain, snow, wind, and sun
  • Redirecting air flow, particularly when using half windshields
  • Reducing debris that gets inside the cab

There are a few different options of windshields that you can add to your UTV, including a full windshield and a half windshield, in both lower and upper styles. The style you choose will depend wholly on what you're using your UTV for. Remember that our team can offer advice and guidance if you need it.

What Are the Polaris General Windshields Made From?

At Flex A Fab, we're committed to creating quality products for all of our clients, no matter the model of UTV they're using. Each of our windshield, back panel, and roof panels is made of an Optical-grade polycarbonate that is virtually indestructible. We offer them in two styles; tinted and transparent.

The hardware used is specially designed Kevlar velcro that is rustproof and provides easy installation. All our products are also designed to survive extreme temperatures, so you're good to go in any weather conditions.

Can I Get A Custom Polaris General Windshield?

Yes, at Flex A Fab, we're dedicated to meeting our client's individual needs. This means that if you've got something unique in mind, we can fit our products to your requirements. Just get in touch with our team to discuss the specific requirements you have for your windshield and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Looking For Polaris General Windshields? Get in Touch With Flex A Fab Now!

For all your Polaris General needs, Flex A Fab is here for you. As a popular model of UTVs, we've got an entire inventory catered toward the Polaris General. 

Get in contact with our customer service team now for guidance on our products and advice on the best solutions for your Polaris General UTV.

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