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CONTACTLESS soap, without degreaser or acid. This soap will save you time and money by leaving an ultra-shiny finish on all your vehicles WITHOUT SCRUB!

*see note to maximize his work*

Sprayer: 100ml per liter of water

** WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE FOAM CANON as you are not maximizing the effectiveness of the soap but it can be used if desired. Foam cannon: 50/50 in container

*Requires pressure machine.

*Does not add to the ''dilutor'' cartridge, it will be overdiluted and therefore not effective.

*Do not apply on a hot surface or under the sun *Simply because it cooked the doesn't matter what product you use! If it should dry out, reactivate the soap with pressure and/or simply manually wash your vehicles and everything is back to normal!

* Instant action soap, as soon as the bubbles have reached the vehicle, rinse. DO NOT LET DRY OR ACT the job is done instantly!

- Wet the vehicles, ideally a car, wash one side at a time.

- Spray the solution: from bottom to top from left to right, by floor, to make sure that there will be soap everywhere...* from the bottom up to let the soap work*

- We rinse SOFTLY from left to right STARTING FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP from left to right and by floor to make sure to remove all the soap and wipe!


**Make sure your spray nozzle is angled to make a nice V

** Why start from the bottom to rinse? By going up slowly, you will activate the rinsing agent, make it work and also work the bubbles that have not done their job! Then we go back down the dirt on the floor, rinsing well everywhere!

**Do not apply on anodized aluminum, on a vintage car. Opt instead for the conventional neutral soap Blue N Shine which will give you better results!

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