Loop Clamp 1-1/4"D x 3/4"W Zinc Plated Vinyl Cushion - PG-LCL-32DX19W-ZV


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SKU: PG-LCL-35DX19W-ZV Flex A Fab

Impact Resistant
Polycarbonate / A.B.S

Advanced Optical Material
93% Light Transmission Polycarbonate

C.N.C Precision Cut
Guaranteed to fit your OEM vehicle*

Vibration-Damping Loop Clamp, Galvanized Steel, Vinyl Plastic Cushion, 1-1/4" ID, 3/4" Wide, 2-11/16" Long

A cushion covering the clamp reduces vibration and wear from clamp edges. Clamps surround security cage tubing completely while holding them close to the mounting surface.

Galvanized and Zinc-plated steel clamps have good corrosion resistance. Vinyl cushions are durable and withstand moisture and some chemicals.