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Segway Villain 2021 + Rear Windshield Window Back Glass


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Segway Villain 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass Windscreen - UB-SVAF

  • Segway Villain 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass options available for versatility between seasons and weather.
  • Made of 1/8 inch thick safest shatterproof material 10X stronger than tempered glass and 20x acrylic (plexiglass) and 50x regular glass or safety glass.
  • Segway Villain 2021+ Rear Windshield Window Back Glass let through 15% more light than glass.
  • Transpire and sweat less than glass.
  • Unbreakable material. Guaranteed!
  • Heavy Duty Velcro Strap: For easy installation and removal
  • Rust proof Clamp: For permanent or semi-permanent installation
  • General (not scratch proof): For light use or infrequent or winter use in a snow covered trails
  • Tinted General (not scratch proof): For reduced glare caused by reflection of sun or snow in light trails. For light use or infrequent or winter use in a snow covered trails.
  • Scratch Resistant (scratch proof): For abrasion resistance against off-road elements or frequent usage or all seasons (including mud or dust)
  • None: No openings

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THE INDESTRUCTIBLE Segway Villain 2021 + Rear Windshield Window Back Glass

Made With The Safest Material On The Market.

Virtually Indestructible.

Removes backdraft

Experienced Riders Know That Having A Front Windshield Creates Backdraft, A Problem That Only A Back Window Can Solve.

Our Concepts Are Designed To Completely Remove Backdraft, Keeping Your Cabin Safe From Cold, Dust And More.

Install it, Forget about it

Designed To Keep Access To All Parts Of Your Vehicle Without Getting In The Way Of Air Filters, Bed Tilt, Handles And More.

Unique Concept Sold Only By Flex A Fab.

Quality Hardware

Custom Designed Kevlar Velcros Unique To Flex A Fab.

Rustproof Hardware Built To Withstand The Outdoors.

When You're On the trail, it's you vs. the elements.

Let Us Help You Win.
It's Not Just A Windshield, It's A Tool.
We Use Special, Optical Grade Polycarbonate So You Can Focus On Driving Your Vehicle.
When You Buy A Flex A Fab, Ride Hard And Fast. We Have You Covered.

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If You Ever Have Any Questions Or Concerns About Our Product, You Can Always Contact Us.
We Work 24/7 To Find Solutions, Give Advice And Guide All Of Our Customers In The Right Direction.

We Won't Leave You In The Dust.

Safety At -40°C And 40°C

Our Products Can Withstand Extreme Low Temperatures (-40°C) And Help Keep You Cool In The Heat.

Flexible to your needs

Custom Designs Available For All Our Products.
We Can Adapt To Almost All Hardware You Currently Have Installed On Your Vehicle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephen Partain
Needs modifications to fit 2023 Villain 72'.

The rear windshield is too wide and too tall to fit the 2023 Villain. I had to cut off 1/2 inch from the bottom and 1/4 inch from the sides so it would fit between the shock brackets. After cuts to make fit, the holes for the black side pieces did not line up. I had to re-drill all four. After buying a special saw blade and making the mods, it fits.

Hi Stephen, thanks for your feedback.

Would you be okay with a small refund for your issues? We are currently correcting the situation with current customers we have now. Segway changed their 2023 models and our concept no longer fits as it's supposed to.

Let me know,
Vincent (

Jacob Howland
Front and back!

Beauty of a fit, very happy with them!

Daniel Barnett
Rear windshield

I haven't received the order yet. 🤐

Trevor Slatnik
Villain windshield and back vented panel

Wonderful products ! Organized component pieces and fasteners .
But , poor or vague install instructions (for rear window) - fitment could be a bit looser , meaning trimmed smaller couple millimetres here and there. Front upper section could be slightly shorter also as roof panel needs to be removed to install and then fits very tight together once back in place. Possible stress point.
Those are my thoughts - and I am a precessional mechanic for 30 years.
* couple extra fasteners for the sliding rear window….have already lost one of first ride.



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